27 March ’85

This site is dedicated to the 42 children who lost their lives on this tragic day, the men, women and children who worked frantically to save every possible life and also to family and friends who lost loved ones. It also serves as a reminder to public safety departments all around the world to be ever-prepared for the worst.

Rescuers standing on the roof of the bus

27 March 1985

On 27 March 1985, a yellow double-decker bus transporting school children from the Vorentoe High School, left the road as it was crossing over the bridge of the Westdene Dam in Johannesburg. 30 Children swam to safety or were rescued from the rooftop of the bus. 42 Children died.

Mass funeral for the Westdene Bus Disaster victims

The Survivors

The Westdene Bus Disaster was very traumatic for everyone involved, directly and indirectly. There are some survivors who still refuse to talk about that dreadful day. There are also reports of suicides in the months and years following the tragedy.

Westdene Memories

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